LáNessa Faye Witherspoon, M.Ed

“5th generation Holy Rolling Southern Baptist farm girl turns Witch and Healer” …

LáNessa (a.k.a., “Fae”), a Texas native, has deep country roots connected with Nature and considers herself a Child of Nature ...  a reincarnated soul that somehow, for some reason, decided to surprise a religiously pious family with her presence. And so it was. She evolved as a seeker of deeper Truth. Her Church was the 600 acre family farm she grew-up on. Her grandmother and the Native American Spirits were here teachers. LáNessa graduated from Howard Payne University, a Southern Baptist University and Seminary, with a degree in English and Secondary Education -- despite being a teenage mother. After recovering from an auto accident that shattered her neck and left her partially paralyzed, LáNessa packed up and moved to Tucson, Arizona where she spent the next 13 years as an Alternative High School and Adult Education Teacher, Educational Program Coordinator, and an Assistant Principal. She also obtained her Master’s Degree in Curriculum & Instructional Design/English & Language Arts and began pursuing an Applied Doctorate’s Degree in Curriculum Design. Upon returning to Texas, particularly East Texas, LáNessa eventually left her professional and career goals to pursue the academia that truly spoke to her soul, Metaphysics, via the avenues offered at Pixie’s Intent. LáNessa completed Wicca I, II, III, and IV at Pixie’s Intent with High Priestess, Christine Fusco and has since developed strong bonds with the Metaphysical Community. Before long, she was vending her products at events, learning about holistic healing, volunteering, learning how to manage her own chronic pain issues and high blood pressure, leading rituals, obtaining her Yoga Instructor Certification and her Reiki II Practitioner Certification, learning pendulum dowsing, and completing her first year in the Temple of Witchcraft. LáNessa is still a Temple of Witchcraft initiate, a student of Metaphysics, and owner of Fae’s Reiki, Yoga, & Metaphysics. She is currently in the process of developing an online store as well as creating online courses in the area of Metaphysics and Adult Education. Her Energy Healing style incorporates pendulum dowsing, yoga, herbal tea, tarot, and the guidance of Ascended Masters. A list of her services are listed below, and she can be reached through Fae’s Reiki, Yoga, & Metaphysics FaceBook page. As Above, So Below; As Within, So Without! Blessed Be!


Services & Prices:


Reiki/Energy Healing


30 minutes w/ free scan & consultation

  • Pixie’s Intent (request appointments through FB Messenger)

  • Pixie’s Intent Events (purchase $15 tickets through the shop)

Reiki/Energy DISTANCE Healing


30 minutes w/ free scan & consultation

  • Fae’s (request appointment through FB messenger)

Restorative & Therapeutic Yoga


60 minutes

  • Pixie’s Intent (pre-scheduled appointment required; request through FB Messenger)

Restorative & Therapeutic DISTANCE Yoga


60 minutes

  • Fae’s (request appointment through FB messenger)

Herbal Teas


2 oz

Herbal tea blends can be handcrafted upon request or from a consultation. Request special blends such as fertility, chakra balancing, love, empathy, meditation, pain, and so forth.





Gloria Favuzza Sister Glo & Associates

Business Phone: (713)953-1338

Cell Phone: (281)615-3446

Email: sisterglo@msn.com

Web Address: www.gloriafavuzza.com


* Astrological Consulting *Tarot Card Readings *Destiny/Birth Love Card Readings *Angel Readings *Mystic Readings *Private Parties *Charity Events/Fund Raisers *Festivals *Psychic Fairs *Metaphysical Centers *House Reader *Weekly Enewsletter *Private Consultations *Phone Readings *Public Speaking *Professional Actress SAG Aftra Member *Personal Training and Coaching *Yoga *Running

Gloria Favuzza  known as “Sister Glo” began her astrological journey by enrolling in

classes at Center Point Project in Feb. 1995. After mastering the essentials she started reading for clients at Marva Mason’s Monthly Psychic Fair. Encouraged by her successful

feedback she branched out to include  psychic fairs held at Center Point and Temples Gate. During the fall season she read at the renowned Texas Renaissance Festival in Plantersville, TX or what she refers to as “boot camp”. It was this event that propelled her into the spotlight as a mystic, astrologer, and psychic reader.

Shortly thereafter she appeared live on a Halloween Special broadcast. At Christmastime she was featured on a holiday spot for Time Warner Cable. On New Years Day she was on all of the local network stations while reading at Center Point’s Annual New Years Day Psychic Fair. In 2012 she was the Guest Star on the Lilly Roddy Show accurately predicting the Academy Award Winners for Best Actress and Actors as well as supporting roles.

Other stops along the way included psychic fairs in the Clear Lake, Bear Creek, Spring and Tomball areas. It was during this time that she mastered the Destiny/Birth/Love Cards to her multi-faceted readings. Since then she has added the Doreen Virtue collection to her repertoire. Fascinated by ghosts and the afterlife and has studied mediumship.

She became the House Reader for the Bliss Shop in the Memorial/Kirkwood Area in 2005.

Shortly thereafter she began reading at   First Saturday in the Heights  Artist Market and  iWear It Again Sam’s, and Cricket’s Creamery or her “Mystic of 19th Street” days.

In addition to fairs and festivals, she has become well known in the Houston Party Circuit.

She received a national award in 2016 & 2017 Rising Star Award for Astrology. She is regularly hired by the Top Entertainment Agencies in Houston. Her most popular events are Halloween, Christmas, New Year’s, Mardi Gras,  High School Graduations, Birthday, corporate and social events. She was Talent Coordinator for Ronald McDonald for 10yrs.

In May 2015 she became the House Astrologer for Pixie’s Intent in the Westchase Area  where she is available for readings on Friday afternoons. Recently she was featured on Channel 39 for her insights into the Eclipses and Spirituality. Come out and see “Girl Friday”.

 Her specialty readings are a combination of astrology, tarot, birth, destiny, love, angels and intuitive guidance. She is available for private consultations in person or phone. Parties and special events are her forte. Contact Cell: (281)615-3446, Home: (713)953-1338, Email: sisterglo@msn.com, or website: www.gloriafavuzza.com. Facebook: Gloria Jane Favuzza Join her weekly email list today!! “

Michele "Kitty" Nelson

An Intuitive Medium is a life-long student/researcher, a Spiritual Teacher, and Guide. She has studied and received Certifications for a multitude of Healing Modalities, Herbalism, Aromatherapy, also for Law of Attraction, Hypnotism, and NLP, for Energy Clearing & similar practices. She has studied the Body Detective with Dr. Patrick Price, and the ancient Hawaiian Healing practice of Forgiveness, Ho'oponopono through Dr. Joe Vitale and Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len. She has created magic through her hands of healing touch, massage therapy, and craniosacral therapy. As the creator of what she calls Aura Mapping, an artful tool of using pastels to capture the dynamics of one's Aura bodies, the energy fields, and centers of the body, she reads the story that lies within your Energetic Matrix. 

Susanna Hill Event Planner

Beginning at the age of 16 with her first job at a fast food restaurant, Susanna has spent most of her 35-year career in some form of customer service.  Utilizing people skills learned from working in the restaurant industry, organizational and technological skills as an administrator in Corporate America, and pursuing a career change in graphic design has led her to discover a passion for Event Planning.  She has enjoyed bringing her passion to Pixie’s Intent since the summer of 2017.

A native of Atlanta, Georgia, Susanna has lived most of her life in Augusta, Georgia and Richmond, Virginia until she finally made it to Texas in November 2002.  She is mother to one human child and four fur-babies and Faerie Godmother to several.

When not playing at Pixie’s, Susanna hobbies include going to the movies, pursuing psychic and spiritual development, enjoying time with friends and spending time at the beach as often as she can.  She makes a mean Irish Cream Liqueur that “puts Bailey’s to shame!”.