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Grand Arkangel Chamber

  •   Oct 13, 2019
  •   2727 Fondren Suite 5B - Houston, TX 77063

This is a stargate/portal/ascension chamber/consciousness expander developed from a "blue light" emission in the fall of 2006. The design was imbedded into the "blue light" as 3D holographic instructions. It has gone through several developmental stages: Stage 1:Genesis Star Chamber, Stage 2: Atomic Chair, Stage 3: Arkangel Chamber, Stage 4: Grand Arkangel Chamber. It's effects are breathtaking and beyond words. All this is achieved through the use of sacred geometry, sacred sound and liquid light.

The Arkangel Chamber is a gift for raising the consciousness of all humanity to its highest level.

Session Pricing:
10 Minutes = $25.00
20 Minutes = $40.00
30 Minutes = $60.00

Payment may be made at the shop. We accept cash, credit cards or Pay Pal Payment may also be made via Pay Pal to njewelc@comcast.net.

Instructor: Rick Ferguson

About the Instructor: Rick is a Taurus from Brooklyn, N.Y. who moved to Houston in 1977 infusing the spirit of Texas into all aspects of his spiritual quest.
He has done just about everything - from Channeling Angels to Aliens. He’s a time traveler from the future who has returned to assist in the evolution of man during this time period. His private sessions focus on empowering the individual and connecting them with their personal divinity.

Rick studied and received a B.S. in Chemistry and M.S. in Science Education teaching Chemistry for over 12 years. But, upon graduating from college he “ran away with the circus” He played tuba in the band & was a Big Top roustabout worker touring Pennsylvania, Ohio, Maryland, New York, New Jersey etc.