Amy's Healing Apothecary - Vajra Transmission Master

Amy's Healing Apothecary - Healing your mind, body and soul naturally.

Shaman Healer, Life Coach, with divine guidance from God, angels and spirit guides, she channels energy, spirits of higher realms and other modalities of light work to help heal clients of their indifivual ailments. Her true passion is helping those in need of natural healing from physical, emotional, mental and psychic distress. She administers energy therapy to those who suffer cleansing auras and balancing chakras. Amy's work also extends to animals and pets and the cleansing of homes. She dispels homes of negative energy and of any lost spirits or souls, sending them into the light; she then blesses those homes for protection so that its residents can live in peace and harmony.
Angel's, Shamanic and energetic healing are through space and time, so it can be done in person or remotely via internet, Skype or photograph. It is by appointment only, so please contact me via Facebook, phone or text message.

Shamanic Healer - Reiki Level 2 - Color and Energetic Therapist - Life and Spiritual Coach

Physical aches and pains
Disease prevention
Grief Managment
Depression and or emotional problems
Chakra cleansing and balancing
Healing Touch
Hospice Doula
Essential Oils to enhance your life
Amethyst biomat therapy
Pet therapy

Other deep healing services available, call for questions regarding my services. Find me on Facebook


Biomats is probably the best and most useful FDA approved devices available offering deep relaxation, better sleep, increased strength vascular improvements and a general sense of well-being.
They are the only way to go if one has chrionic low body temperature and if one is in pain Biomats offer a cloud of comfort. Even from the pain of the flu. Every hospital bed should have one.
If you are sick at home and needing to recover the biomat offers a piece of medical heaven, a cloud upon which one can float. ONce can find the space to regather one's strength when they have basically unlimited access to a Biomat.
Even sauna users are transformed by the much more frequent exposure to the miracle of infrared radiation when they sleep on their Biomats. Hard to do that in a sauna.

Strengthen Us

We live in a time when there has never been so many toxins bombarding our bodies, from herbicides and perticides in our food, to chemicals added to our water, not to mention industrial pollution and medications. These toxins have been linked to all the aches and pains of our bodies so reducing them makes us feel better.
The body has its own ways of getting rid of them but due to being overwhelmed it's often the case that there are more coming into body than it can get out, so it stores these toxins, which can build up over time and end up causing a wide variety of problems. FIR has been shown in many differnt ways to help in the removal of these toxins by increasing blood circution. FIR light increases us, warms us and makes us feels better. Please visit us on Facebook at
Amy's Apothecary.