Pixie's Intent - Metaphysics Made Simple

Who we are...

Pixie's Intent, had a very meager start in early 2009 by doing fairs and small events. The class by Christine Fusco actually accelerated our efforts as well as our interest in our own Pagan path. We believe that there is a need for our community to be integrated within the existing Houston communities endeavors and we can move forward in conjunction with the communities guidance and consultation as well as support here in the SW area of Houston.

What we do.....

Our facility accomodates to not only such a large variet of paths and people but we offer classes, meetups, weekly psychic faires and support to the community by our participation in events and promotions that assist in accelerating our community to be amongst the achieved in our area as well as the ambition to the state. Our Mission is simple...... to keep the complexities of belief and magic comprehendable and affordable.....Metaphysics Made Simple.

Pixie's Intent

Pixie has been diligently working on building the product lines as well as the diverse variety of readers and reading styles for her boutique....Pixie's Intent - Metaphysics made simple


Stones for every occassion, need, well wish and gift
Oils and Candles
There is a variety to choose from at our shop of oils and candle for every occassion.
Magical Jewelry that gives you focus, and fashion :)

Pixie's Intent

Who we are
A metaphysical resource for all pagan paths..
What do we do
Provide a community resource for networking, learning and purchasing the tools needed for your intent.
Metaphysics Made Simple
When do we do
We are open Tuesday to Sunday from 11am to 7pm
Where do we do it
2727 Fondren Suite 5B Houston, TX 77063 - 713-851-1271

What we sell

  • Magic Tools
  • Stones and Geodes
  • Essential Oils
  • Incense of all variations
  • Clothing
    • Renaissance
    • Ritual
    • Casual Shirts and Tees
    • Dresses and Costumes
  • Crystal Bowls of all styles
  • Jewelry of all styles
  • Much Much More

Classes we offer

  • We offer a variety of classes that will benefit all denominations and paths of life and beliefs:
  • Candle Making
  • Magic of Witchcraft
  • Wicca 101 - 401
    • Elemental Magic
    • Sabbats
    • Ritual Magic
    • Meditative Practices
  • Oil Making
  • Tarot Interpretation
  • Make your own suggestions......

Our Visionaries

  1. Sister Gloria
  2. Bleve
  3. Christine Fusco
  4. Amy Piro
  5. Amy L
  6. Reader 1
  7. Reader 2
  8. Reader 3
  9. Reader 4
  10. Reader 5

Our Vendors

  1. Anne Marie
  2. Laura Burnett
  3. Kathy
  4. Erin
  5. Jan Crow
    Linda Rowe
  6. Tindy
  7. Vendor 1
  8. Vendoe 2
  9. Vendor 3


What a great place to get gifts and to get things just to get me through everyday life......Thanks Pixie


I never knew this place was here but wow I am so glad I found it, thanks Susan for telling me about it.....Edward Canche, Catholic Wiccan


Gloria was wonderful, she gave me the reading I have been needing and I am looking forward to seeing her again and again... Jewel was great, she worked with me and gave me the advice I needed to get the focus and prosperity in my life.

Recommended Links

Our community is full of great resources that will lead us to our objectives, here is a listing of a few that can really assist in your lives. Thank you for your ongoing support -----Pixie